Fashion and Inspiring Quotes – How To Stay Positive In A Great Style

girl in a quote t shirt with positive attitude

Inspirational Tees

Comfort and Class

Every closet in the United States has at least one. Closets like my husbands are nearly overrun with them. I probably have a few more than I need myself. But there are a couple of those t-shirts with phrases on them I couldn’t bear to part with. The better part of people who own t-shirts have at least one with a motivating phrase on it; one that they’ve had for quite some time. No matter what the quote is, how tattered the shirt may have become,the reasons why or if the shirt even still fits, we won’t ever let those shirts go. They’re our favorites, our memories, our colors and our own style. Men and women of every age in most nations enjoy the comfort of these classy tops year round with and without modifications. We’re going to take a close look into the most inspirational quotes and popular inspirational t shirts styles.


There is an extensive variety in the selection of t-shirts that we have available to pick from today. Different variables from the neck to the tail of the shirt each have options that personalize the look and feel of a shirt. There are long sleeved shirts and short sleeved. Many people cut the sleeves off in the warmer months to beat some of the heat.
Add in themes like vintage or lolita, color, images and of course the text on your tee and the possibilities are endless! Here are a few of the most popular style options.

There are four major areas to consider for your perfect motivational tee: the style and fit, the picture and phrase, where it came from and well, personal reasons.

Style and Fit

fitted t-shirt on a male model

Most positive thinking styles of tees are unisex and anyone can rock them with a pair of jeans and sneakers or boots. Women’s t-shirts are rarely equipped with hoods or pockets, unfortunately. Alternatively, the neckline of men’s tees are rarely boat or plunging. Similarly, off-shoulder or cap-sleeved shirts don’t frequent men’s wear departments. Women’s blouses are not as likely to have a collar at the neckline, so polo t-shirts tend to be considered more or a men’s style.

Another aspect that impacts style is size of the shirt in relation to the size of the body it’s on. one of my best friends has a t-shirt that had once been her dad’s. It’s at least three sizes too large for her tiny frame, But she loves it and wears it on quick outings with leggings and a beanie all the time. My grandmother has a little shirt that all of her grandchildren had worn. She loves that wee-shirt and has taken immaculate care for it. My two younger cousins, my son, and I have had pictures in it. It has a printed photo of my granddad’s racecar, only on the two outside tires coming around a curve at one end of a round dirt track. His racing number, GT37 arch just over the car’s cutout image. You can’t see the track or that the inside wheels are nearly ten inches off of it. The car is covered in mud and has multiple visible repair needs. It’s pretty busted up, actually. In fact, he didn’t even win that night. But no one can remember who did. Everyone remembers watching GT37 round a whole curve and come halfway down the straight before the track curved again both his inside tires over half a foot off the track.

When the thought of the fit of a t-shirt comes into play, it’s often associated with a fitted top. However, the fit refers to how well that shirt fits. Is it baggy or tight? How long are the sleeves? How long is the shirt? Are the shoulders and neck snug? How much room do the sleeves allow the arms? All these questions help determine a great fitting t-shirt. Of course, the more comfortable a shirt is, the more it will be loved. The fabric plays a significant role in fit. Being one hundred percent cotton doesn’t always ensure the quality of that cotton. Hence the durability is compromised, shortening the life expectancy for that shirt. Bamboo, jersey, and linen are longer lasting and more resilient.

And because no positive thinking article is complete without Tony Robbins, here’s his lesson on the changes positive thinking can bring into your life. Enjoy.

Graphics and Grammar

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I say why not have both? Well, I may not have a shirt with a thousand words on it but I’d bet all of my graphic tees, and maybe the few I borrow from my hubby’s closet probably have close to that altogether.

There are innumerable phrases that people find inspiring. Like there’s literally no end to these sayings. So here are three of the top phrase genres and within them the most popular motivational sayings.


woman in a grey shirt laughing

Christianity has a huge spectrum of phrases printed on tees that inspire their wearers and readers. Some of them even have a sassy flair too. These are the most popular choices:

  • Leave the judging to Jesus
  • God is good all the time
  • Have faith, bro
  • Faith over fear
  • He is risen
  • Blessed
  • Believe
  • Be kind or be quiet

In addition to these upbeat quotes, the old hymns have gained popularity. These are someof the most common lyrics used for t-shirts:

  • It is well with my soul
  • How sweet the sound
  • Standing on the promises
  • Then sings my soul
  • Hallelujah
  • I’ll fly away

There are also a great number of faith phrases that have been taken from the Christian Holy Bible. They use scripture as sayings on shirts for a variety of occasions. These too have gained significant recent popularity.

  • “For God so loved the world,” John three: sixteen
  • “Be a light,” Matthew five: fourteen
  • “The Lord is my Shepard,” Psalm twenty-three: one
  • “Go boldly to the throne,” Hebrews eleven: one

Sarcastic Shirts

Moving past the holy tees, we come to my favorite phrases. These sassy sayings have the ability to raise the spirits as well as give a good giggle.

  • Success is the best revenge
  • Haters gonna hate
  • Don’t grow up, its a trap
  • World’s okayest (Mom, Dad, Uncle, etc)
  • Not today, Satan

General Phrases

model wearing a general phrase shirt

These are the basic phrases that you see every day. Of course, the fact that they’re common doesn’t discount their motivating attributions as motivation and fashion seem to be inseparable.

  • Life is good
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Carpe Diem, Seize the Day
  • Don’t quit
  • Follow your dreams
  • Failure is not an option


Some people have shirts with pictures of historical figures that they find motivating. Others have famous landmarks for an inspiration they can emblazon a t-shirt with. Some prefer a picture of a family member or a pet. There’s all kinds of motivational images that make for awesome tees. One of my personal favorites has a little moped on it. no words just the scooter in black faded print on a yellow shirt.