Time to Go Boho!

bohemian in the fields
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Do You Know What Actually Is Bohemian Fashion Style?

Bohemian style is for those who can appreciate beauty, deep romance, don’t know any borders and for those for whom the world is their inspiration and eternal muse.

Boho or bohemian if you will includes traits of hippie and gypsy styles and is inherently connected to the bohemian culture of gypsies who traveled Europe. The style itself got its name in France because they thought, for whatever reason, that those travelling gypsies wearing colorful clothes came from Bohemia which today is the Czech Republic.

Today, the Mecca of Boho Style Is London

model Kate Moss wearing boho style
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I’m sure you have heard of the actress Sienna Miller or Mary Kate Orson or for example Top Model Kate Moss. For all of those, bohemian style it is their style of choice.

Some of the typical elements of boho style are long flowy skirts (white or colorful), long colorful belts, long sweaters, cardigans and kimonos or, for example, jumpsuits and long flowy dresses.

The whole bohemian clothes for women style is a very laid back and chill fashion style. You will see lots of various colors and herbal motives combined with linen and various organic materials. “Sure, sure, but you can’t wear it anywhere and anytime and especially at the centers of European busy cities you would look a little bit off.” – This is simply not true. Just visit any trendy cafe in Paris or Berlin and I bet you that you will see at least one woman dressed in bohemian gypsy style. And do you know what – she’s gonna grab your attention and you will say to yourself gosh what a style.

Because bohemian style in itself is very sexy and feminine but comfortable and easy to wear at the same time.

After a whole week at work, each of us likes to slip into clothes that don’t bind, don’t squeeze and in which you feel yourself. Bohemian style includes comfortable sandals, shoulder bags, floral headbands, and especially casual pieces that show your relaxed side. The looseness of this style is somewhat reminiscent of the hippie era, but it is more chic and a little more wearable in everyday life. Yes, chic – just look aroung at the pictures – aren’t they awesome? Pure style, if you ask me.

young representative of the hippie clothing style
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Clothing in the bohemian style attracts attention to itself primarily with its patterns.

If you don’t want to stand out too much from the crowd, combine plain, understated clothes instead. But chains, bracelets, hats and more are always welcome.

Bohemian style doesn’t always have to be flashy. A dress with a herbal pattern and simple accessories will look decent. You will come across the floral pattern especially in the summer.

So what do you say – are you going boho?

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